"So many people have yet to experience how good they can feel when they're fuelled with healthy, whole foods. There is no such thing as the perfect diet, but I strive to find the best options for each individual"


Amanda W. 

Working with Kate was one of the best things I did for my health. When Kate first started helping me I was suffering from uncomfortable bloating during many meals. She helped me identify a group of food, that turned out to be legumes, that my body didn't agree with—I had no idea! Through the process of working with Kate, I learned so many incredible tips around holistic nutrition and wellness. She provided me with a grocery list which I reference every time I go shopping, the best easy recipes that are customized to my body and needs, a list of vitamins and supplements based on my dietary and health needs, meal options for during the work week, what alcoholic beverages are best for staying healthy while going out, and tips for making better choices when eating at restaurants.


Throughout the process, she regularly checked in to see how I was doing and supported me throughout my journey. Kate is insightful, attentive, and really cares for her clients. I couldn't recommend a better holistic nutritionist. Thank you, Kate!

Lee A.

I saw Kate's idea for overnight oats on Instagram, and made them the other day.  Not only was it delicious, I didn’t get hungry all morning like I usually do.

Will B.

I had a hard time remembering to eat breakfast, and then I saw Kate. She gave me great ideas for healthy breakfasts and prepping food in advance. I tried her suggestions, and it worked great!

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