I am passionate about health and well-being. I believe that it is so important to know what you are putting into your body and on your skin. Foods should be natural, healthy and nutritious, and we should be fuelling ourselves with whole foods that make us feel energized, balanced and satisfied. 

My personal health journey began when I became sick, about 6 years ago. I suffered for years with food intolerances, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances and many other unexplained symptoms. I wasn't able to access the help that I truly needed through traditional medicine. I decided to work with a naturopathic doctor and do a lot of my own research, which sparked my interest in natural and holistic health. I have come to learn the importance and effectiveness of finding the underlying causes of a health concern or illness, rather than just treating symptoms.


Bachelor of Health Sciences, Minor in Kinesiology - Simon Fraser University 

Certificate in Applied Human Nutrition - Simon Fraser University

Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) - Canadian School of Natural Nutrition


As a holistic nutritionist, I guide individuals on their wellness journey by finding the root of their health issues. I use a whole lifestyle approach, which helps to improve their health and wellbeing in a realistic way. My goal is to help you make lifestyle changes that will last, rather than quick and drastic changes that are not sustainable. Holistic nutrition focuses on all aspects of each individual person, and look at the importance of not only physical health, but also stress, dietary patterns, exercise, spirit, relationships and more. 

I am not here to help you with a diet, I am here to help you build a lifestyle.

As a nutritionist, I work with individuals suffering from: 

- skin health & acne

- food allergies/sensitivities

- IBS & digestion issues

- hormonal imbalances

- leaky gut

- candida

- sleep issues & insomnia

- stress & anxiety

- weight issues

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