My Fave (& healthy) Pancake Recipe

Breakfast foods are my fave - ask anyone that knows me well.

So pancakes are on obvious choice for me, but they aren't usually very healthy or beneficial for you to eat in the mornings. I usually like to have a pretty hearty, filling breakfast with lots of nutrients to help me get going and stay full for a while.

So traditional pancakes were not going to cut it!

I played around with a few recipes and finally came up with these super simple, so delicious 'pancakes' that have become my go-to breakfast.

Here's the recipe:



2 eggs

1 small-medium banana

1 tbsp of cinnamon

1 tbsp chia or ground flax seed

optional toppings: blueberries, walnuts, nut butter, natural maple syrup, bananas etc.


Blend the eggs, banana, cinnamon and chia or flax in a blender. Heat up pan and cook like traditional pancakes, until golden on both sides. Top with desired toppings, and serve!

So easy and so delicious.

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