The Benefits of Bone Broth

Bone broths are very healing, and they are especially supportive of gut health.

Bone broth is extremely high in nutrients, which includes collagen, minerals, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, electrolytes and most of the needed amino acids. One of the reasons that bone broth is so great, it because it is so high in nutrients, but doesn’t involve a lot of digestion, so it’s easy to absorb all the nutrients it provides

As we know, Hippocrates said “All Disease Begins in The Gut” and I truly believe in healing the gut in order to support the entire body’s health.


  • reduces allergies

  • improve the health of the immune system

  • support joints

  • heals the gut

  • reduce inflammation

  • strengthen bones

  • improve mood

  • support healthy skin, hair & strong nails

  • provides nutrients, amino acids

But don’t head over to the grocery store and buy the tetra pack that says chicken broth on it. Unfortunately this isn’t the long cooked, BONE broth that is packed with nutrients. You need to buy specific bone broth or make your own.

I have made my own - it just takes a lot of time. However, I found when I did have them time, it was very rewarding. When I don’t have time (which is almost always) I look for grass-fed, organic beef or chicken bone broth. I currently am using organic beef bone broth from Wild Moon (bonus: it's made locally & it also includes adaptogenic herbs - my fave thing!)

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